Fund Raising Suggestions

  1. Make a list of everyone that you know (holiday card lists, faith communities and work directories are great) and contact each one about the Challenge. Write a letter describing how you became involved with the Challenge and ask them for a pledge. Identify a specific amount (it may be hard to be that assertive, but it yields good results). Follow up with phone calls or face-to-face discussions about the Challenge and their pledge.
  2. Have a House party and introduce your friends to the Challenge and ask them to make a pledge.
  3. Ask people out for lunch (pay for their lunch) talk about the Challenge and ask for a pledge.
  4. Have a bake sale with the proceeds going to your pledge commitment.
  5. Ask people to make a pledge to your Challenge instead of a holiday or birthday present.
  6. Because you so strongly believe in the Challenge, ask your sponsors to ask their friends and relatives for pledges, so that the power of their pledges can multiply.
  7. Ask local businesses if you may set up a table to ask customers for pledges.
  8. See if your company has matching gifts for not-for-profit agencies so that a $50.00 pledge may result in a $100.00 pledge.
  9. Keep pledge forms handy with you at all times (in the car, at work, around the home) so that you can give them to people when you are talking about the Challenge.
  10. Get a “pledge jar” at work or get some “fundraising candy” to sell at work with the proceeds going to pledges.
  11. Ask your workplace/company to sponsor you.
  12. Make a Website on the Internet asking for pledges for the Challenge.
  13. Have a car or bike wash and give all the proceeds as your pledge to your self.
  14. Make commemorative T-shirts about the Challenge so that your sponsors will have a reminder of you and a souvenir of the Challenge.
  15. Wear your previous Challenge T-shirts/Jerseys around town and engage people to talk about the Challenge. Ask them to become involved or to make a pledge.
  16. Ask friends and relatives that live out of town for pledges.